Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback
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Sharon Rue, Lafayette, Louisiana
2014-04-02, 19:59
''...Our group was as much a part of this incredible experience as the places and people we visited. I am grateful to each and every one of you for bringing your spirit of adventure, your joy, your unique personalities (!!) to this journey. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.''
Elaine Cummins, Farmers Branch, Texas
2014-04-02, 19:58
"...Thank you for your leading role in my 2013 trip of a lifetime, et aussi, your gifts of creative writing and imagining."
Hector and Donna Beauchesne, Vancouver region, B.C.
2014-04-02, 19:58
''..We will always remember with pleasure our travels with you in 2013.Thanks very much for all you did to make our trip so memorable. The places we saw, the people we met, the hotels and the meals, all well chosen and carefully thought out. It was a pleasure to meet our fellow travellers as well as your contactsat various along the way. Of course we ate too much. Hard not to in France. ...''
Susan and Harold Coughlin, Boston, Mass.
2014-04-02, 19:58
''...I've just finished reviewing an article that Emy is writing about the trip to France. Reliving that 2 weeks is such pleasure...
Merci beaucoup for all the work you put into your tours. It truly was wonderful! -Amitiés....''
Leo Boudreau
2014-01-23, 21:01
Our tour with you & Dominique was great, a once in a lifetime experience for us . One I had wanted to do for a long time. Any additional information about Boudreau's Point that you can find and share would be very much appreciated.

All the best to you,
Leo & Donna Boudreaux
Ralph Simmons, Boston, Mass. U.S.
2013-08-24, 01:36
On behalf of our group, our tour was amazing! Thanks to our guides and thanks for some fabulous seafood!
Mavis Frugé,Lafayette, Louisiana
2013-08-24, 01:36
Dear Richard, a late thank you for a memorable trip to your beautiful country.  Wish I had your knowledge of Acadian History!
Mary Broussard Tours, Lafayette, Louisiana
2013-08-24, 01:35
Now, we have seen Nova Scotia and Acadie. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and sincerity in your tour. Looking forward to the next time!
Al LeBlanc, Addis, Louisiana
2013-08-24, 01:35
The guides provided were superb in their knowledge of Acadian History and Culture
Mike Hebert, Austin, Texas
2011-11-01, 00:00
Dear Richard, Ever since we first met in 1995 where you were a senior guide at Grand Pre, I have continued to be amazed and impressed with your knowledge about and passion for l'Acadie and its rich history and natural wonders. But our recent tour with you even exceeded my expectations. I can say without any reservation that no one can match your skills at landscape archeology and oral history of Nova Scotia. You are a pro -- and, a lot of fun!
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