Plunge into the heart of the Acadian History and culture

We offer the opportunity to experience the exact locations where the forefathers landed and transplanted seventeenth century France into the new lands of this continent. New France begins here in Acadie!

We owe so much to fascinating historical figures like Champlain and his contemporaries, who have left us documented evidence of our noble beginings as a people of Canada. Indeed, we can rejoice at the fact that the French explorers and his fellow artisans established a good relationship between themselves as 'new settlers' in a totally different environment.  Amazingly, friendly rapports between themselves, the visitors and the Natives, their hosts would rapidly bring on, equal partnering and sharing of the land and waterways contributed to everlasting alliances in the future.

As most people around the globe will attest, nothing could ever bring people closer together then to share great food and hospitality at once! In Canada, this historical pride has a name, it started here in Port Royal by the sieur de Champlain himself! It was called; ''l'Ordre du Bon Temps'' or "The Order of Good Cheer"
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Four centuries after its creation, one can still embrace the human principles of solidarity as well as the joy of becoming a "member" of the oldest social club in North America. Receive your personalized certificates when you attend with Novacadie Tours!

About Acadie

It was brought to my attention many times during my career as a Heritage guide, that the History pertaining to the Acadian culture, to previous generations of French Louisianians, may not have been carried out thoroughly, by the school institutions, if it was at all...

France Map (Small)No surprises there, it does not seem to have been part of the school curicullum in many places of the world just yet. As for the Louisiana context, it was requested that some simple yet effective remedy be presented during what was then, a most appropriate year in which Louisiana, was celebrating the 300th anniversary of its French Heritage, and the second Acadian World Congress (C.M.A.) back in 1999.

So, this little text aimed at presenting a condensed overview of this special place that exists in the hearts of millions all over the world. This Acadie of a new millennium and all its inheritance reveals itself to the world with its prettiest charms...

A place so mysteriously beautiful and yet so unknown…  

If you will, come with me and let's open the book of time as we glimpse at Acadie's very beginnings, to present days;

It is on the Nova Scotia peninsula that we see the first signs of its existence, well over 400 years ago. This magnificent and most easterly province of the Canadian Maritimes is where the first French explorers, gentlemen and artisans have landed all the hopes of their hearts and undertook to start all over, in the "New World"... To be precise, after nearly two months of travel on rough seas, La Have, Nova Scotia is where the men kneeled and embraced the soil, for they had finally touched what until then, was but a dream...

Regardless of the names given at various epoch, the territory remains the same, the mysterious beauty of Acadie shines like a star in the ages...

Acadia Map (Small)One may suspect that the Basque and Breton fishermen, who had clandestinely scanned the great fishing banks of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland since the mid fifteen hundreds, had long earned the trust from the aboriginals of the area known as Mi'kmaq Indians. Few written records of that exciting era exist, except some fascinating hieroglyphs carved on rocks at Kedjimkujik, N.S. Needless to say, no version of our Canadian History would be proper if the "First Nation" of its huge territory was not spoken of, as the initial settler.

As little as we know on the Mi'kmaq Culture, we now know that these people are descendants of the Paleo-Indian. People who have left us, beneath layers of earth by the Bay
of Cobequit, N.S. artefacts dating to 10,600 years back in time.
(Débert, N.S.) Their organized presence in this region of America this far back in time made the scholars rethink the notions of the "old" versus the "new" world... Somehow, for you and I, knowing their heritage to be ever so deeply rooted in time through immemorial traditions and relations with the land, surely has to make us save a special place for the Aboriginals.

The French people will most definitely learn from observing them in their customs and lifestyles. Located in parts of Maine, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Gaspé Peninsula, the Mi'kmaws form a "family" or tribe of the Grand Algonkian Nation. In a uniquely spoken language, they referred their areas in specific terms of their own.


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Now, we have seen Nova Scotia and Acadie. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and sincerity in your tour. Looking forward to the next time!

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