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Customer Feedback
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Denise and Richard Donahoe
2022-10-20, 02:21
We thoroughly enjoyed our 12-day tour with Richard Laurin, despite Hurricane Fiona trying to mess it up! He tailored the tour to our requests and then adapted when Hurricane Fiona caused museums, forts, restaurants, and roads to close. Each day was an adventure! His vast knowledge of the geography, geology, history, and languages of the peoples who settled Nova Scotia astounded us. He is a born teacher whose passion helped us to understand and fall in love with the land and the people. It gave us a greater appreciation of embracing those around us, those we know and those we meet along our paths...and to endeavor to befriend them. Thank you again, our friend, Richard Laurin!
Denise (Guilbeaux) and Richard Donahoe
Denise and Richard Donahoe
2022-10-13, 23:08
We thank you for making our bucket list trip to Nova Scotia become a reality. Particular thanks for not letting Hurricane Fiona get in the way of us seeing and experiencing the land of Acadie. We thoroughly enjoyed the miles we traveled, via walking or driving. You made each day an adventure with your expansive knowledge of the geological, historical, and geographical areas. Also, your passionate love of all things Acadian and Mi'KMaq...even Gaelic! Yes, we are now life long friends and hope to see you in Louisiana in the future! Shalom to you, Denise and Richard Donahoe, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Betty Harlow Anderson Tour
2019-08-14, 11:04
Dearest Richard, I hope by now you are rested from our trip and ready to host your group from France.

You are by far the best of the tour guides I have encountered in my thirty years of tour planning.

Your attention to detail and the kindness and personal attention you showed to each of my guests were exceptional and truly appreciated. I feel very blessed to have found you and have you answer that phone call from Louisiana as you were preparing to go skiing.

We all noted how justifiably proud and passionate you are of all things Nova Scotian and of l'Acadie and are thankful for your ability to convey your passion and love of the land and its peoples at every stop. Yours is a calling, not just a job.
June Douget
2019-08-10, 19:36
I want to say how fortunate we Louisiana Acadians were to have had you as our guide for those 13 days!
What an awesome job you did!
From your website I see where you may be planning a trip to France in 2020 (with emphasis on the Acadian migration)-if that is the case I would be interested in such a trip. I have visited France twice, but never has the emphasis been on we the people.
That is a whole new experience for me!
Again thanks for a great learning experience and for a 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
June Douget, Lake Charles, La.
Sherrie from Lake Charles, La.
2019-07-31, 18:45
So glad you can use the 1726 maps of Port Royal. Once again, thank you so much for your amazing dedication to the Acadian heritage. Acadians everywhere owe you a huge debt of gratitude.
C Hannum
2019-07-19, 00:33
Just completed an unforgettable tour with Richard. A group from Louisiana traveled to Nova Scotia to investigate their Acadian roots. Not all had Acadian roots but living with so many Cajuns we feel like we are definitely one with them. Not only is Richard passionate and knowledgeable about the Acadian heritage of Nova Scotia and Louisiana, he is incredibly knowledgeable about the geography and geology of Nova Scotia. He also knows a lot if good places to eat!
He went out of his way to ensure everyone with Acadian roots saw their family land and answered every question we threw at him.
I'm positive we saw more in our eight days together than most tours will see in 15 days!
He timed seeing the Tidal Bore perfectly!
He is a great guide!!!!!!
I would not hesitate to travel with him again!!!
Janet and Mike Rowles, Missouri
2019-01-25, 17:30
I suppose you just want a few sentences. I can sum it up very easy: Perfect in every way!
Love ya!
Mark and Mary Ellen
2018-12-13, 15:07
Thank you Richard for another great trip!
Where do we go next?
You know Nova Scotia like the back of your hand and we loved seeing it through your eyes.
2018-12-13, 15:04
Thank you for sharing the beauty of this land where the Mi'kmaw roamed...
and your passion for the History and traditions of the invincible spirit of the Acadian People!
Jan Bernard
2018-12-13, 15:02
THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing this experience! Truly a lifetime opportunity.
Can't wait to share with my sisters. I'm quite sure we will meet again!
With gratitude.
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