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Customer Feedback
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Donna and Joe Bouey
2018-12-13, 14:59
Thank you for planning this wonderful trip!
We appreciate your attention to details regarding the Acadian Family History and other multiple interests. Hope to be able to travel with you in the future!
Donna and Joe
Margaret S Canella-Group
2018-12-13, 14:51
As always, you never fail to deliver!
Thank you for sharing your native lands with us. We could have never done this on our own!
Wishing you a continued and growing following!
Connie DeWitt
2018-12-13, 14:47
Richard, Thank you for guiding us on a fabulous tour!
Your knowledge and adaptability added a lot to the experience. All the best!
Waneen (Cormier) and Jon Marks, West Coast, USA
2018-11-03, 20:16
We had the best day of our cruise ship trip spending the day with you and learning more about my Acadian ancestors and their extended family. I have devoured every book you suggested and wish that I had purchased more. Your insights were incredibly meaningful. I look forward to spending more time together on a future trip. Thanks again from Jon and me.
Beauchesne group
2018-10-06, 13:21
After travelling with Richard Laurin on an Acadian Heritage Tour of France in 2013 we knew he would be the best person to take us on an in-depth Acadian tour of our Maritime provinces. With Richard as our guide and driver this fall, we explored many places in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI we had previously missed when touring on our own. And, we gained new insight into places we had visited before. Richard is passionate and knowledgeable about all things Acadian. He spared no effort to make our Novacadie tour an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our travel companions said they would have needed a month to see and do what we did in ten days. Thank you, Richard.!

Hector and Donna Beauchesne
October 05, 2018
Lana Downing
2018-10-04, 21:31
If you are thinking of searching for your Acadian roots/heritage in Nova Scotia, do yourself a big favor and enlist Richard Laurin of Novacadie Tours. We learned more in a day with Richard than in a lifetime of reading and research. He made it all come alive and yes, we actually walked on the land cultivated of our Blanchard forebears.
It was a day we will not forget!
Thank you Richard for a wonderful tour!
Gracie David Hernandez
2018-10-04, 20:38
If you're looking for an in-depth tour of your Acadian ancestors, you can't beat Novacadie Tours.
Cheryl Portele (Breaux)
2018-10-04, 17:29
Richard Laurin amazed me constantly with his knowledge of Acadian history and the area as we moved along the highways and byways. This was my second trip under his guidance (France in 2014) and he LOVES Acadian people, history, and the lands. He is relaxed and interactive with his group, even jumping a ditch to get us what may well be “Acadian home sites, wells and even ''apples”. You will learn AND have fun as well as make new friends
Lisa Daggett
2018-08-17, 18:36
I would like to say that this is the best tour I have ever been on! Our guide was amazing and gave us so much history on the over 50 sites we visited. We were never bored and always excited about what the next day would bring. It was such a treat to have a guide who not only knew the history of the area, the history of the Acadians, but knew a lot about our individual families who once lived in Acadia!! Our driver, Richard was also first class. I can't wait to take another trip with Novacadie Tours!!

Lisa Talbot Daggett
Mary Ellen and Mark Stinski
2018-08-17, 18:11
Your tour in Nova Scotia was just as great as the one in France not only because of your vast store of knowledge of your homeland, and your passion for our Acadian heritage is so evident. For you sharing it with us has become your way of life. That is priceless. Keep in touch.
Mary Ellen
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