Entrevue réalisée à Radio Canada Atlantique portant sur le site du premier moulin à eau en Amérique du Nord--Juin 2011
French interview on CBC Radio on first grist mill property in North America

Grist stone Lequille  CCF20150324 0001
carte Port Royal MOULIN 1607  carte Riv de Port Royal 1753

Kingdom of the Tide
Kingdom of the Tide


Observez le mouvement des marées gigantesques de la Baie de Fundy
en accéléré.  Novacadie vous y mène!

Watch this amazing time-lapse footage of the Fundy Tides in action.  Novacadie takes you there!

Observez le phénomène du mascaret associé à nos marées géantes---Rivière Hébert, Pigiguit, N.É.
Observing the Tidal Bore as it comes up the Hébert River - July 2013


Richard Laurin au centre d'une émission de découvertes à la télé-Station TVA, Canada.
Richard Laurin appears in a popular dicovery television show on TVA , Canada

Richard, en entrevue au téléjournal de RFO, Station de télé française à
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon--Août 2010.
Richard interviewed on the news at RFO France's television network
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, August 2010.

Entrevue à FRANCE T.V.-Été 2016
Richard's Interview on FRANCE Television-St-Pierre & Miquelon, France 

10 Minutes pour le dire
interview at a Parisian TV station

Voyage Organisé à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
Un film réalisé et télédiffusé sur UNIS T.V. mettant Novacadie Tours et ses clients en vedette-
a film that played on UNIS T.V. here in Canada. It was group of Acadians. I designed the tour and accompanied our group in 2016. It was the fourth of the kind Novacadie organized there.

Adadie Gaspesie

Dis c'est où l'Acadie ?


Belle-Ïle-en-Mer, terre accueillante acadienne avec Novacadie Tours:

Veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous pour un petit aperçu des paysages de grandes beautés de Belle Ïle-en-Mer, France, extrait de nos voyages organisés sur une base régulière:
Notre Voyage Patrimonial Acadien en France (Mai 2020)

To get a glimpse of the beauties of Belle-Ïle-en-Mer, France, one of several fantastic region we tour together during 
Our Great Acadian Heritage Tour in France (May 2020)


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richard laurin 

Your personal tour director
Richard Laurin will build a
fantastic and educational tour
to suit your specific needs. His
vast knowledge of the great
history and culture of these
lands and peoples will truly
impress every traveler.

Customer Stories

My mom, Lois CLOUATE Vial, always wondered where her family was from. Months before her death I completed the research and was able to share with her that she was a true Acadian, she was so pleased!

It's been a long journey from Dauphine, France to Grand Pre, Acadie (Nova Scotia) in the 1600's. Then the forced expulsion from Grand Pré in 1755 to near enslavement in Port Tobacco, Maryland for the next 10 years.

Lastly to find their way to beautiful Louisiana (St. Gabriel to St. James … read more

Laurie Wilkerson

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