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Watch this amazing time-lapse footage of the Fundy Tides in action.  Novacadie takes you there!
Observez le mouvement des marées gigantesques de la Baie de Fundy en accéléré. 
Novacadie vous y mène!

Observing the Tidal Bore as it comes up the Hébert River - July 2013
Observez le phénomène du mascaret associé à nos marées géantes---Rivière Hébert, Pigiguit, N.É.

French interview on CBC Radio on first grist mill property in North America
Entrevue réalisée à Radio Canada Atlantique portant sur le site du premier moulin à eau en Amérique du Nord--Juin 2011

Richard Laurin appears in a popular dicovery television show on TVA , Canada
Richard Laurin au centre d'une émission de découvertes à la télé-Station TVA, Canada.

Richard interviewed on the news at RFO France's television network
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, August 2010.
Richard, en entrevue au téléjournal de RFO, Station de télé française à
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon--Août 2010.

Richard's Interview on FRANCE Television-St-Pierre & Miquelon, France 
Entrevue à FRANCE T.V.-Été 2016

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Hector and Donna Beauchesne, Vancouver region, B.C.
2014-04-02, 19:58
''..We will always remember with pleasure our travels with you in 2013.Thanks very much for all you did to make our trip so memorable. The places we saw, the people we met, the hotels and the meals, all well chosen and carefully thought out. It was a pleasure to meet our fellow travellers as well as your contactsat various along the way. Of course we ate too much. Hard not to in France. ...''

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