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The year 2020
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Novacadie's acclaimed;
Acadian/Cajun Great Heritage Tour in France 
May 3rd to 17th, 2020


In France

May 3rd to 17th, 2020

iti Carte tour France 2020

Bonjour all!

Jump in with us as we prepare to tour the most seek out and visited country on earth!                             
Day by day, each site is an endless source of pleasure and discoveries;  Following is a brief overview:

Starting with an incursion into the mythical Loire River & castles Valley with a first memorable visits in Orléans, this famous locality freed by a young and ‘’divinely inspired’’ Jeanne d’Arc in 1429.

Onto Amboise, along the ‘royal’ River to admire the noble and final residence and immerse ourselves in some of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

Like kings and queens ourselves, we’ll walk about fabulous sites, thus enabling us to put solid images to dreamlike episodes of the past.  Places  that determined in many ways the fate of the Occident; For example, the Fontevraud Royal Abbey, an immense medieval church and monastery for women, home to the sacred remains of great monarchs like Eleanor d’Aquitaine, her husband Henri II Plantagenet and no-less prestigious son, Richard the Lion heart

Aside from presenting major icons of History, this tour will certainly not disappoint the travelers in quests of their own deserving Acadian/Cajun heritage!   We’ll do it through in-depth and exclusive guided tours at La Maison de l’Acadie in the Poitou; heartland of many of our ancestors whose roots remain since the early 17th century or before.

Get ready for fine welcomes, discoveries and a friendly feast with the finest food and wine the world can offer in places like Châtellerault and Archigny’s post Acadian deportation localities.  Explore yesteryear’s Acadian Farmsteads and current Museums and churches extraordinaire!

As essential, the region that has seen so many of our forefathers prepare and leave everything behind to come to the ‘New World’ of America, Rochefort, Brouage and LaRochelle are ‘must sees’.   Discover it all during this great heritage tour which calls on the best historians and guides to do so.

North-wise, superb Brittany is next with another warm and attentive glimpse at the Acadian past and present, particularly for our Louisianans voyagers; Nantes with several sensitive sectors of the city, including the internationally acclaimed Acadian Mural just redone by its creator,  Louisiana Robert Dafford (St-Martinville mural) depicting  the famous seven ships who brought the bulk of today’s Cajun population.  It will ravish everyone.

Delight on the colourful little port of Sainte-Anne d’Auray that bid adieu to the original men who came to Nova Scotia’s cradle of Acadie in 1632.  Many of which became the very firsts pioneers of our grand heritage, now counting over four million people world-wide.  It would be sad to miss the hundreds of mysterious standing stones at Carnac on our way, ferry-cruising to Belle-Ïle-en-Mer;  Nothing less then full day on this jewel of the Atlantic where out-of-this world scenery and Acadian heritage/home sites also await us.

During this carefully designed tour, perfectly located and lovely hotels by the ocean enable us to explore furthermore at our leisure our French heritage in world-class locations like Saint-Malo and the mystical Mount Saint-Michel and more…

Normandy comes next with the famous beaches that hosted the ‘allied’ liberators from the Nazis at the term of the Second World War.  See Caen, Omaha Beach and the entire ‘D-day’’ coast before spending the night by a war-ship free peaceful sea.

Another grand figure of the fate of occident shall not be skipped; William the Conqueror’s exploit of 1066 is well recounted through the Bayeux’s tapestry.

Closing a wonderful boucle in Northwestern France, the mighty medieval Chartres cathedral is the perfect stop over as we re-enter Paris, Ville-Lumière for two wonderful touring days. Changing from traveling with a luxury motor coach throughout, we will also discover this unique country by water with two more commented boat cruises on la Rance and la Seine.


Several hundreds of our clients have thoroughly enjoyed this incredible tour of France in the past.  Be the next one to embark on this fun & enlightening travel and cultural experience.
There is a place for you! book with us asap.

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Bienvenue en Acadie
August 2nd to 16th, 2020

a great autumn traditional tour:

'French Heritage Tour in Louisiana's Cajun Country'
during the Festival Acadien et Créole and not-to-be missed;
October 6th to 14th

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THANKS again to all our many clients throughout the 2019 tourism season!

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