On Our Forefather’s Footsteps in Acadie!
July 10th to 22nd, 2018

Embark on this wonderful tour within three superb provinces, each shaped and caressed by the ocean. Acadian cultural tourism at its best! Welcoming Acadians from Louisiana and from all over the world to the regions where the Story begins!...and never ends, at least in one’s heart!

Back Home in Acadie!

August 7th—14th, 2018

Notre circuit Québec Acadie

du 27 Août au 10 Septembre, 2018

Harvest Time in Acadie!

September of 2018

Full Colors on Acadie!

Fall of 2018

Phenomenal Bay of Fundy & Acadie Tour

Including a Visit to Grand-Pré National Historic Site

For our Halifax Hotel / Cruise Ship Guests

and local visitors to the superb Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

All these tours have been done with again great success!
THANKS to all our many clients throughout the 2018 tourism season!

Call us now to plan your own guided Acadian tour in Atlantic Canada for the 2019 season.
Groups of all sizes welcomed anytime!.
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richard laurin 

Your personal tour director
Richard Laurin will build a
fantastic and educational tour
to suit your specific needs. His
vast knowledge of the great
history and culture of these
lands and peoples will truly
impress every traveler.

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