Our Services:

We can supply the transportation, the accommodation, the meals, all activities, bilingual step on guide services and of course the complete coordination of all the tour programs.
In all cases, Novacadie is your facilitator and will do all that is possible to make
your visit to Atlantic Canada, one you will cherish for ever! 

The tours we organize have no boundaries. 
They unfold in multiple regions of Nova Scotia but also throughout the Maritimes provinces, New England, the province of Québec and even France's Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. 

Because the atlantic regions are so diversified and so rich of beauty,  with the right guidance,
a creative combination of destinations is always sure to provide superb travel experiences.
It's our pleasure to make it happen

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with a draft itinerary and all details of the program
no obligations to you.

We  are  "ON" 365  days  a  year!

Its true! Any time of the year, we welcome your call! 
For either a full day or multiple days, there are so many
wonderful excursions to consider.

Do you need a responsible driver for a group of friends or colleagues,
a team of any sort wanting to spend a day of outdoor, shopping or wine tasting fun?   Novacadie has many suggestions to make into our capital city Halifax and in nearby tourism regions;
(Evangéline Trail, Lighthouse Route, Etc.)
 Be, worry free while taking in the best of Nature and Culture 
mainland Nova Scotia can offer?                  

Why not hire a guide that can do it all for you at once and coordonate all the event?


For small groups;

The daily basic fee for the service of a professional qualified guide is $200.00 CDN per person 

The cost per person reduces as the number of participant in the group increases.

Our tour director/guide can chauffeur groups of four to six comfortably without luggage.
More guides-chauffeur can be supplied as needed.

Leave the rest to us!! 



We are pleased to ALWAYS comply to your project
...and make it better yet with our 'know how' ,  if possible!

The tours may be conducted by using either:

  • *The client's own vehicle, on which we will be glad to act as courteous chauffeur;
  • *A rental vehicle of your choice (Novacadie's tour operator rates available to you);
  • *A de luxe chartered motor coach (up to 56 passengers) supplied by Novacadie Tours Inc.  at our preferred rate to the client;
  • *Service of step on guides and tour coordination by Novacadie

What else could we do for you?  Just call, send an email and ask,
we'll make it happen!


How it works with Novacadie:

  •  Responsibilities for each may be determined as the tour program gets customized by email exchanges between Novacadie Tours and the client, until the ''perfect tour'' is agreed upon.
  • A contract with a registration form is issued as a simple mean, designed to outline mutually convened what is to be included in the tour and what is not.  So all is clear and simple.
  • A mode of payment is determined and it is all set. We already expect you!
  • Some or all of the following can be included in the package we design and deliver with dedication and passion.
  • As planned in a selected itinerary
  • The land transportation
  • The planning and reservations of quality accomodations
  • The cost of ferries or other public transportation fees (toll, bridges etc.)
  • Any meals to the client(s) and dependants
  • Entrance fees to the attractions as outlined in the itinerary
  • Adequate personal travel insurance
  • Your own person and dependants



We are trusted, liable tourism industry professionals operating throughout Atlantic Canada and abroad.

Leave the planning of all aspects of your stay, to us!

Now, take advantage of our tour operator preferred rates and enjoy!

All you have to have is... fun


Because we understand the "things about travels", we know how complex the organization of any sojourn can become, especially if the region is new to you and there is so much to look after.  Yet, you know what is needed for that perfect anticipated leisure experience!?  That is where we come in!  Trust us to help you customize the perfect sojourn for yourself, your family or group of any sorts, all year round.

For as short or as long as you want! You are always welcome to Novacadie.

 We listen to your wish and put it into motions!



A few of our customized services:

  • *Quality accommodations in convenient locations throughout Atlantic Canada
  • *Individual and group meals at great rates.  Be acquainted to our local specialties
  • *Insightful and knowledgeable guides always at your entire disposition (bilingual)
  • *Fully coordinated tours with just the right activities for your taste  Etc


More technical assistance by Novacadie such as:

  • *Travel insurance advise;
  • *Airport formalities, customs, baggage handling, recovery during client's entire stay;
  • *Immediate, responsible and efficient services in all unpredictable events during your stay with us. Etc.





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richard laurin
Your personal tour director Richard Laurin will buid a fantastic and educational tour to suit your specific needs. His vast knowledge of the great history and culture of these lands and peoples will truly impress every traveler.

Customer Feedback

Words cannot express our heart felt appreciation for Richard and the incredible tour he gave us of our Acadian ancestral lands. His passion and love of Acadian history, culture, legacy, and engineering feats left us inspired and proud of our amazing ancestors. We cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our time with you in Acadie. It was a life changing experience for us and we have shared our fun with many friends and family. We cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone interested in … read more

Patrick and Veronica Melancon

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