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Customer Testimonials

Anne Eiland
2017-06-09, 15:05
Saying "Thank You" does not begin to express how much we appreciate all that you did to make our trip such a wonderful experience. Not only was it all I had wanted it to be; it was even more!

You opened our eyes to our past in a way that brought our ancestors to life - no longer will they be just "names on a paper."
All the places you had arranged for us to stay were perfect, and we both loved all the wonderful seafood and special Acadian dishes we had. Wonderful! Meeting your friends … read more

2014 Acadian Heritage Tour in France

Tour Date: Sept.5th-19th, 2014

A fabulous tour in a fabulous country!  Discover the places of origins of the founders of Acadie, celebrate our unique heritage with the cousins of France and do not miss a thing about all the greatness France has to offer!  
Castles, majestic cathedrals, nature and culture wonders, the best food and wine to man! and friendship beyond words!  Two weeks of pure delight and for many ''a trip of a lifetime''.

Look at a wonderful PHOTO ALBUM created by Loubert Trahan, a proud participant and superb photographer during our 2013 Acadian Heritage Tour in France by clicking ''France 2013'' on the right side of the link below;
Thank you Loubert!

This is a must see photo album:

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