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Customer Testimonials

Anne Eiland
2017-06-09, 15:05
Saying "Thank You" does not begin to express how much we appreciate all that you did to make our trip such a wonderful experience. Not only was it all I had wanted it to be; it was even more!

You opened our eyes to our past in a way that brought our ancestors to life - no longer will they be just "names on a paper."
All the places you had arranged for us to stay were perfect, and we both loved all the wonderful seafood and special Acadian dishes we had. Wonderful! Meeting your friends … read more

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback
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Anne Eiland
2017-06-09, 15:05
Saying "Thank You" does not begin to express how much we appreciate all that you did to make our trip such a wonderful experience. Not only was it all I had wanted it to be; it was even more!

You opened our eyes to our past in a way that brought our ancestors to life - no longer will they be just "names on a paper."
All the places you had arranged for us to stay were perfect, and we both loved all the wonderful seafood and special Acadian dishes we had. Wonderful! Meeting your friends and discovering how welcoming and friendly everyone we meet was to us was such a joy.
We were both impressed by that. So, you not only opened our past to us, you gave us a relationship with Nova Scotia of today.
Billy Hébert
2017-05-29, 16:02
Just finished the best tour I've ever taken! Traveling through France with Novacadie Tours was a wonderful and unique experience. Richard is a terrific guide, and his many tours through France have garnered valuable contacts and resources which helped to enrich our experience. Our "Acadian Heritage Tour" was personalized as much as possible, and our stops were relevant, historical, informative, entertaining, and interesting. Traveling to the exact villages, cities, and towns of my forefathers was moving and unforgettable. On top of being knowledgeable about Acadian history and knowing all of the best places to travel to, Richard and Dominique did something very few tour directors and guides can accomplish - they turned a group of strangers into a cohesive "family", with no dissention, disagreements, arguements or hassles! If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime, look no farther - you can't do better than Novacadie Tours!"
Thank you !
Mike Hebert
2017-05-21, 20:07
The 2017 tour in France exceeded all of my expectations! Once again, Richard put us in the footsteps of our Acadian ancestors -- both the original 17th century pioneers and the 18th century refugees. His passion and energy is boundless, and it permeated our very convivial and entertaining group. It was a special treat to meet French cousins whose ancestors chose not to depart to Louisiana in 1785. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
Mary Ellen Stinski
2017-05-16, 18:59
This was an action packed tour that covered so much of our Acadian history. I was not previously aware of the suffering of those who were deported from Nova Scotia to France and England. It is a heart breaking story. Richard provided a wonderful trip full of history, mayors, dignitaries and experts, as well as an opportunity to have fun, see beautiful France, and meet lots of new friends. The bond of Acadia is still strong!.
Margaret Canella
2017-05-15, 02:47
Novacadie Tours - owner/operator Richard Laurin - home base is Woodville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Just another tour operator; just one more of the many tours I have been on all over the world???????? ABSOLUTELY NOT! This man and his passion for the Acadian story, history and progenitors excels in every way! I have dabbled in my family's genealogy for about 10 years and never dreamed that it was possible to see, feel and touch my roots like this! Over eight generations removed and spanning three countries, Novacadie Tours brought my roots to life in a way that I did not think possible. We enjoyed delicious meals and met with mayors, newspapers, locals and genealogical experts on many of our stops. Have you heard of the "Trail of Tears" in reference to the American Cherokee Indians? If you are Acadian, our story bears an overall similarity. I strongly urge anyone interested in travel, history and family genealogical research to strongly consider this very profound journey!

Margaret Safford Canella
Daniel Blanchard
2017-05-10, 02:57
Chers amis. Comment décrire le voyage que nous a été offert par Novacadie Tours et auquel nous avons assisté? D'Orléans à St-Malo en passant par tous les lieux où ont vécu nos ancêtres acadiens, nous avons suivi les traces de nos aïeux et nous avons quitté la France avec une appréciation profonde de l'histoire extraordinaire de notre peuple. Tant de cousins et cousines très enthousiastes nous ont chaleureusement acueillis pendant notre séjour voulant rencontrer leur parenté éloignée et par le temps et par la distance. Nous avons régalé à plusieurs reprises et avons partagé beaucoup de moments très touchants. Nous avons également eu l'occasion de rencontrer plusieurs experts de la généalogie des familles acadiennes et avons même visité certaines églises où nos propres aïeux ont prié et là où leurs enfants étaient baptisés. Certaines d'entre nous sur ce voyage avaient déjà fait pas mal de recherche sur leurs arbres généalogiques, et en partageant l'information avec un covoyageur, j'ai pu, personnellement, clarifier et rectifier un mythe propagé de ma propre famille dont jusqu'ici nous avions le mauvais renseignement. Nous étions un groupe d'Acadiens de la Louisiane, du Nouveau Brunswick, de la Nouvelle Écosse, du Texas, et même de l'État d'Iowa, tous remplis d'une fierté immense en apprenant sur la vie quotidienne de ceux et celles qui nous ont précédé et qui nous ont, d'une façon, donné la vie. Quelle chasse à l'histoire! Voici un voyage qui sert et à s'amuser, et à s'éduquer. Alors, n'hésitez pas, mes amis, à vous joindre à Novacadie Tours pour une expérience inoubliable. C'est sûr et certain que vous allez faire le voyage d'une vie!

Milles mercis, Richard, pour le travail que tu as fait. Mille mercis également à Dominique. I was "on the fence" as to whether I should go on this trip or not, especially having gone through the flood last August and losing my home and all my things. I can honestly say now, that I have no regrets at all! Je ne vais jamais oublier ce voyage. J'ai tant rêvé à le faire, et à c't'heure, c'est fait accompli. Il restera ancré dans mon âme et dans mon coeur pour toujours.

Amitié, et au plaisir de te revoir en Louisiane en octobre,

Daniel Blanchard
Bâton Rouge, Louisiane
Laurie Wilkerson
2017-01-25, 21:59
My mom, Lois CLOUATE Vial, always wondered where her family was from. Months before her death I completed the research and was able to share with her that she was a true Acadian, she was so pleased!

It's been a long journey from Dauphine, France to Grand Pre, Acadie (Nova Scotia) in the 1600's. Then the forced expulsion from Grand Pré in 1755 to near enslavement in Port Tobacco, Maryland for the next 10 years.

Lastly to find their way to beautiful Louisiana (St. Gabriel to St. James Parish to St. Charles Parish). A weary odyssey for a very devout and determined people seeking independence and a better quality of life. The very same goal that drives us all today!
Shortly before my mom's death I completed research that proved she was of direct Acadian decent. I knew then that I had to visit my ancestral home in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. Through the expert services of Richard Laurin of Novacadie Tours, we traced the steps of the devout and determined Acadian people.

To honour my mom, I placed a few mementos in a small glass vial with the intention of burying it somewhere in Grand Pre. Richard generously offered his property adjacent to the Acadian Memorial site. I selected a peaceful spot beside a brook and under a French Willow tree (brought to the New World by the Acadians). I've returned a piece of the present to the past; the cycle is now complete! Thank you Richard!
Patrick and Veronica Melancon
2016-11-10, 01:26
Words cannot express our heart felt appreciation for Richard and the incredible tour he gave us of our Acadian ancestral lands. His passion and love of Acadian history, culture, legacy, and engineering feats left us inspired and proud of our amazing ancestors. We cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our time with you in Acadie. It was a life changing experience for us and we have shared our fun with many friends and family. We cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone interested in learning about their Acadian roots. We were able to stand on the land of our ancestors and experience first hand what it must have felt like to leave that beautiful place. We came away with so much and we left a part of our hearts in Nova Scotia.
Gary Wilkerson
2016-09-28, 16:59
We had a wonderful trip – thanks to you.
Tommy Hays
2016-09-28, 16:52
We returned a few days ago from a tremendous vacation to Nova Scotia to trace Karren & Laurie's Acadian roots there. We had a highly recommended guide, Richard Laurin of Novacadie Tours. He was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, patient, & clear in his presentation. It was most special because he customized the tour to bring us to personal ancestral settlement locations. If you ever plan to travel there, I also strongly recommend his service. We got so much more than if we had tried this on our own.
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