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Simply put, we are tour designors and coordinators and love what we do!
 Our pleasure is to offer many ways to appreciate the geography and people of
Atlantic Canada.

We facilitate that experience the 21st century traveler is looking for;  
Our splendid, unspoiled environments, the understanding of our History
and how it all comes together here and now!
The Native and French Heritage of our Maritime provinces are the perfect starting ingredients to a sublime recipe.
Assembled with care-for-details and the specifics of each tour, the group or individual guided packages propel the voyageur into comfort, enjoyment and a 
 Novacadian Experience

Carefully designed each of our programs are customized just for you.
They are authentic experiences revealing findings in great natural surroundings...
and for whatever length of time ...because your time is ours!

We are bound for some exquisite time in the Maritimes !

''Welcome to the earth's highest and most impressive tides!  Get a glimpse by clicking here and let Novacadie guide you to these locations and ''live'' it for yourself !''

''Welcome to Mi'kma'ki. Land of the rising sun; A large region covering the most easterly coast of Atlantic Canada where indigenous people have lived for 10th of thousands of years. ''click here'' to see more.


Mi'kma'ki or old Acadie; Nova Scotia is definitely a "corner stone" province of our great Canadian Heritage.  Whether it is by land or water, along the inner perimeter of the fascinating Bay of Fundy; site of the highest tides on earth, the jagged Atlantic coast interspersed with stunning beaches, the ever changing scenery leading to "out of this world" Cape Breton Island, you will be touched by the rich heritage of our regions...

Besides, as a landfall for people since time immemorial,
"Canada's Ocean Playground" is tantamount with, hospitality.

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Land of long gone dinosaurs who left prints and fossils for us!

cliffs prehistory NS  fossils  Amphibian tracks Blue Beach
The rocks are rich and beautiful,  see various wonderful fossils and even very ancient amphibian tracks.

11,000 years old, "Mi'kma'ki"; sacred land of the First People;

"Katik"/Cadie"; land of the first Métis / Acadiens of this country;

Heart of old Acadie;
Mythical home of Évangeline;

"New Scotland", where Celts, Planters & Loyalists heritage, all find their lure in this History.

Novacadie, time travels with you through the eras with a sensitive blend of enjoyment and discovery!

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Plunge into the heart of the Acadian History and culture

We offer the opportunity to experience in many ways, the exact locations where the forefathers landed and transplanted seventeenth century France into the new lands of this continent.
New France begins here in Acadie, should we say it again?

To this effect, we owe so much to fascinating historical figures like Champlain and his contemporaries, who have left us documented evidence of our noble beginings as a people of Canada. Indeed, we can rejoice at the fact that the French explorers and his fellow artisans established a good relationship between themselves as 'new settlers' in a totally different environment.  Amazingly, friendly rapports between themselves, the visitors and the Natives, their hosts would rapidly bring on, equal partnering and sharing of the land and waterways contributed to everlasting alliances in the future.

As most people around the globe will attest, nothing could ever bring people closer together then to share great food and hospitality at once!

In Canada, this historical pride has a name, it started here in Port Royal
by the sieur de Champlain himself!
It was called :

''l'Ordre du Bon Temps''

" The Order of Good Cheers "

SAM 0867  inside Habitation  lHabitation de Port Royal circa 1605

Four centuries after its creation, one can still embrace the human principles of solidarity as well as the joy of becoming " member " of the oldest social club in North America.

Receive your personalized certificates!

Novacadie prizes on providing such details that make all our participant's visit with us, one they will never forget!

When we talk to Acadians and about Acadie, we really call on millions of people scattered all over the world. It is referred as "the Acadian Diaspora".  Novacadie wishes to act as a meeting place and/or intermediary for us all. 
A vehicle to help us re-connect with one another through the land!  That is why we invite you to construct your own heritage travel experience.
We will make it happen!

Our professional guides take you to some of the original French fortified sites, and areas of pre-Deportation Acadian settlements, such as:

  • "Baie Française" ( Bay of Fundy)
  • Isle Royale” (Cape Breton)
  • Beaubassin” (Amherst)
  • Chignectou” (sackville/Chipoudie/Joggins/Cape d’Or)
  • Cobequit” (Glooscap Trail/Truro)
  • Pigiguit” (Windsor/Falmouth)
  • Mirliguèche” (Lunenburg)
  • Chibouctou” (Halifax)
  • Cap Sable” (Pubnico/Wedgeport)
  • ''Baie Sainte-Marie'' (Church Point-Mavilette)
  • la grand'prée” (Grand Pré)
  • les Mines” (Minas), and of course,
  • Port-Royal”; cradle of the culture, ancient capital stronghold.

Novacadie Tours, allows you to see for yourself, the many essential sites of Canadian historical significance; the original dykes (levées), the enclosed fertile farmsteads, (cellars) and fishing communities of our own pioneers and Acadian ancestors of over 400 years ago, in "old" but forever young and vibrant Acadie...

To all Acadians of the world
and every one who wish to discover Acadie,

Welcome home!





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